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Despite an election promise to keep Crown corporations public, Premier Brad Wall is laying the groundwork to sell them.

Saskatchewan's Crown corporations were built over many generations by our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.They are owned by the people of Saskatchewan with one goal: to benefit the people of this province today and for generations to come.

Sign the petition and tell Premier Brad Wall that his job is to protect our Crown corporations and they must remain 100% public.




**October 24 update: The Premier said the Sask Party government will "repeal Bill 40."

**October 26 update: The government flip-flops and says it will only amend certain sections of Bill 40, leaving open the possibility of selling off Crown assets on wind down.

We ask that you still sign this petition until the law is officially repealed in the legislature.

Dear Premier Wall,

I am writing to demand that you commit to keeping Crown corporations 100% public.

During the 2016 provincial election you explicitly said that you would not privatize the Crowns. Despite this election promise, you have made several public comments that suggest that you are considering reversing your position, including watering down the Crown Corporation Public Ownership Act with Bill 40.

Any suggestions that Crowns could be privatized, 1% or 49% or 99%, is totally unacceptable and I call on you to confirm your commitment to 100% public Crown corporations.

As you know or ought to know, our Crowns deliver incredible value to the people of this province through low consumer prices, a dedication to rural service, and regular dividends that help fund public services that I rely on.

Moreover, Crown corporations are an important job creator in communities right across the Saskatchewan.

Privatizing a Crown corporation erases these benefits, and is not excusable for whatever short-term political gain you might personally enjoy from reducing the deficit that your government created.

It took generations of hard work from the people in this province to create a public companies that deliver such value for every resident in Saskatchewan. Please abandon all deliberations on the sale of our Crowns.

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