Bill 40

Bill 40 is Brad Wall’s path to selling off Crown Corporations

Premier Brad Wall has made official his intention to break an election promise about the privatization of key Crown corporations.

Tabled October 28, Bill 40 allows nearly half of Saskatchewan’s Crowns to be sold off.

Bill 40 has one goal: to make it easier to sell off our crown corporations,” said Joie Warnock, Unifor Western Region Director. “Brad Wall does not have a mandate to privatize any fraction of crown corporations.”

The Sask Party has a long record of privatization, which includes Heritage Gas, Navigata, and DirectWest Canada. Over the last two terms, Brad Wall has also privatized portions of SaskTel via contracting out, including Operator Services, Max Television Service Installations, and Satellite High Speed Internet Service.

The share sell-off of the Manitoba Telephone Service (MTS) in the 1990s was a disaster for Manitobans. Compared to Saskatchewan, Manitobans pay higher phone bills today and the Manitoba government received less than 0.08% of the revenue that SaskTel generates for Saskatchewan over the last decade.