Did you know that advanced polls are open in Ontario from Saturday May 26 until Wednesday May 30 (yes, this weekend!).

Here’s why you should cast your ballot in advance.

  1. Fit your busy schedule. Advanced polls are open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. for five long days! From inflexible child care to working multiple jobs, finding time to vote on Election Day can be a challenge (though your employer must give you time off to vote if your regular schedule doesn’t give you three consecutive hours off to vote on E-Day).
  2. Build momentum in close campaigns. Locking your ballot in early ensures that nothing stands in your way. The tide is shifting in Ontario away from Ford’s conservatives and towards Horwath and the NDP. Cast your ballot and let your candidate know that they can check you off their list.
  3. Encourage your friends to vote. After you’ve voted in advance, go over to Facebook and add the “I voted in #ONelxn” frame to your profile picture to let your friends know that you have it all together… or at least that you participated in the democratic process, and they should too!
  4. Free up Election Day to volunteer. Vote in advance, so that when June 7 rolls around you’re ready to help volunteer with your local candidate or encourage other Unifor members in you riding to also make their votes count.

Here’s how: Find your polling place by looking up your postal code. To vote at an advanced poll, at your returning office, or on Election Day, you will need to bring identification that shows your name and residential address. Find a list of acceptable ID here (Elections Ontario).

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