Crown Corporations in Saskatchewan

What is a crown corporation?

Beginning in 1901 with hail insurance for farmers and evolving to over 20 different organizations today, Crowns affect every citizen of the province every single day.

Crown Corporations are organizations that are owned and operated by the government. Income that is generated by Crowns is returned in the form of dividends to the government's general revenue fund, which is then redistributed to a variety of areas including Saskatchewan libraries, highways, hospitals, schools, and many more.

The Crowns were formed with four guiding principles, to assure that essential services are:

  • Reliable,
  • High quality,
  • Reasonably affordable, and
  • Universal.

Every day, our families rely on government services that put people first, services like clean water, power, energy, communication services, and public transportation.

Why are crowns important to me?

For more than one hundred years, Saskatchewan has thrived on the affordable and accessible services offered by Crown Corporations. To this day, Saskatchewan residents continue to benefit from our Crown Corporations investing millions of dollars back into our towns, cities, schools, charity organizations and community events.

Thousands of people and families in Saskatchewan prosper directly from the employment and benefits provided by our Crowns.

But if we want to keep reaping these benefits, it is vital to keep these organizations 100-percent publicly-owned. Unfortunately, we’re seeing a growing trend of piece-meal privatization as profitable parts of Crown corporations are sold off for political reasons.

Unifor and crown corporations

Unifor unites thousands of hardworking men and women in various roles in the province of Saskatchewan:

  • SaskTel,
  • SaskEnergy,
  • SaskPower,
  • SaskWater and
  • the Water Security Agency
Crown Corporations in Saskatchewan
Unifor Political Action: