Workers’ issues are election issues, and in this election, labour gains are under threat. Unifor members came together at the Local 1106 office in Kitchener to commit to act in the 2018 June 7 election.

“When Unifor members engage politically, it makes a big difference for workers right across the province,” said Naureen Rizvi, Ontario Regional Director. “Every progressive investment or policy change that workers have won in recent years is thanks to people organizing on their own behalf. That work must continue.”

Unifor led town halls will take place in Windsor, Ingersoll, Niagara and London in the coming weeks. Members can RSVP for these events here. The sessions are an opportunity to hear from Rizvi about Unifor’s plan to prevent Doug Ford’s conservatives from taking power, and how the union will push against the right-wing agenda to win progressive investments for all Ontarians.

At the meetings, members will also hear from Roland Kiehne, Director of Political Action and Membership Mobilization and Jordan Brennan, an Economist from the union as they break down where the parties stand, and how seemingly small actions can add up to big changes.

Kiehne stressed the importance of a robust, member-to-member campaign, saying, “We have the ability to have one on one conversations with tens of thousands of Unifor members. That’s going to make a difference.”

In light of the new election financing laws, volunteering by union members to engage others is more important than ever. Active participation in your union in this election will help stop the conservatives from taking power and ensure that local unions are building strong and supportive communities for all members. 

It’s up to each member to vote and volunteer to make a difference. Sign up today to make your vote count!

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