Now is the time to continue to push for further protections for workers and to ensure that every worker has the right and opportunity to join a union and one of their choosing. The stakes are too high. We must keep up the momentum.

Ontario’s next government must address inequality and defend good jobs.

Make it easier to join a union: Re-introduce card-check union certification for all workers in Ontario. Under card-check certification a majority of employees at a workplace sign a card stating their support to form a union. Forcing a cumbersome vote after filing these cards allows time for employers to intimidate employees and deter them from expressing their right to unionize. Workers shouldn’t have to prove twice that they want to form a union.

Defend the $15 an hour minimum wage:  Continue the immediate rollout of a $15 an hour wage in Ontario and commit to increases that prevent the minimum wage from falling so far behind again. Currently, 1.5 million workers in Ontario, or one in four, are paid less than $15 an hour. These workers deserve better.

Address the rise of precarious work: End contract flipping and improve regulation of temporary agencies. Extend successor rights to workers in all sectors, to protect wages and benefits and prevent job losses.


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