SaskParty's Plans

What has the Sask Party privatized so far?

Significant sales included:

  • Heritage Gas
  • Navigata
  • DirectWest Canada

By 2010 our current government became very comfortable with the process of taking apart our Crowns. The following crown corporations and assets have been weakened by the Sask Party:

  • Northland Income Trust Power Purchase Agreement (Privatizing nearly 10% of our power in SK)
  • Sale AgDealer
  • Sale of Saskatoon Square (real estate)
  • Sale of the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN)
  • Crown Dividend Policy - stripping 100% of dividends from Crowns (all except SaskPower)
  • Contracting out SGI General License Plates
  • Closure of more than 20% of SaskPower offices (for walk-in customers)
  • SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SaskTel line locates contracted out
  • Significant changes to SGI Canada policies affecting local brokers
  • SaskTel Operator Services contracted out to a direct competitor (Telus)
  • SGI Canada sale of shares in Charlie Cook Insurance
  • SaskTel Max Television Service Installations contracted out to direct competitor (
  • SaskTel Satellite High Speed Internet Service contracted out to two private companies
  • Sale of the Hospitality Network
  • SGI Canada sale of shares in Atlantic Adjusting and Appraisals Ltd. (AAA) and Maritime Finance and Acceptance Corporation (MFAC)
SaskParty's Plans
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