Saskatchewan Election

We need a government that listens

It has to be said: we can’t trust the Sask Party. Voters have told the Sask Party that strong health care and education are priorities. That we don’t support privatization. That the rising cost of living is making it harder to get by.

But the Sask Party just isn’t listening.

Here are a few examples that show that they haven’t earned our vote:

1. Cuts to Health Care:

2. Smartmeter Boondoggle

3. Regina Bypass Fiasco

4. Not to mention these other things that boggle the mind:

  • The Sask.Party has more than doubled spending on consultants—a total of $120 Million each year
  • The Sask.Party is now sending our hospital laundry to Alberta, a move that has resulted in hundreds of lost jobs.
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Saskatchewan Election
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