We can once again stop the Conservatives.

Ontarians support a $15 an hour minimum wage: A recent poll found that 60 per cent of people in the province support the $15 an hour minimum wage. Right now there are 1.5 million workers that are set to benefit from the planned increase to $15 an hour. The reality is the economy has not fallen, small businesses have not collapsed. The minimum wage increase and labour reform has been a positive thing. As working people, we know that this increase is fair and must be defended.

Doug Ford says that he is “the only candidate that will save you money and keep taxes low.” But his plan to freeze the minimum wage could cost minimum wage workers an estimated $800 per year.

Women’s rights are human rights: Doug Ford made regressive commitments to win the leadership race, and workers should pay close attention. He promised to repeal bubble zone legislation, which currently protects women accessing abortion services from harassment and violence. Ford’s call to “repeal the sex-ed curriculum” goes against research and common sense. Consent-based sex education is foundational to preventing sexual and gender-based violence.

Public services should be protected: The Ontario PC platform already could lead to cuts of 40,000 public service jobs and Ford has not released his updated plan. With hospitals and long-term care in crisis, and childcare and post-secondary education costs skyrocketing for Ontarians, public services need protection and investment.  Doug Ford’s agenda of cuts and thinly veiled “efficiencies” will mean worsening public services and working conditions.

Climate change is real and just transition must start today: Ontario’s current cap-and-trade program has generated $2.4 billion in carbon revenue. Ontarians need a government to continue on the path towards addressing climate change, so that Ontario’s industries can lead in green technologies and prevent continued proliferation of carbon emissions.

Doug Ford has vowed to eliminate Ontario's cap and trade program and offers no foresight for workers looking to grow a green economy.

Doug Ford’s values are not Ontario’s values: The time is up for men in positions of power to be allowed to disrespect women and women in media. He once called a Toronto Star reporter a “little bitch” and told a Globe and Mail reporter to get off her “lazy ass.” There is much more work to be done to build a more equitable society for all, but giving Ford and his cohort the keys to lead Queen’s Park would turn the clock back across Ontario and throughout Canada. It is something we just cannot let happen.

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