Provincial elections are great opportunities for Unifor members to influence local history and act on the issues that matter.

“The recent B.C. and N.S. elections showed the direct effect that our union can have in provincial politics,” said Roland Kiehne, Unifor Director of Political Action. “In 2017 Unifor members played an instrumental role in unseating Christy Clark’s Liberals and left Stephen McNeil with a precarious, one-seat majority.”

The experience was rewarding for members who worked on local campaigns, and had thousands of conversations to win votes for progressive candidates.

According to Jessica Dauphinee, member of Unifor Local 4606, electoral politics matters. “Politics doesn’t leave us, it impacts our daily lives, our jobs and our future and we can make the progressive change that our union fights for.”

Election campaigns offer many roles that members can take on. At every level of a campaign members are needed to hand out fliers, put up signs or knock on doors. It is a fun way to learn and grow as a trade unionist and connect with other activists.

During every campaign, you build on the work that you’ve done before. In the fair wage campaign currently being organized in B.C., I called on people who volunteered for the first time in the provincial election,” said Krista Lee Munro, member of Unifor Local 111.

“We made a difference in choosing the next government, and after the polls closed we continue to build the labour movement together.”

Organizing starts today.

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