As Ontario’s political fate is about to be determined, the true nature of the Progressive Conservative party has been revealed.  First leader Patrick Brown resigned amid allegations of sexual abuse of young women, then PC party President Rick Dykstra quit following the reveal of sexual harassment complaints date back to the last election.

As these accusations came to light, there were immediate reports that many in the party were aware of the allegations, yet they continued to pledge support. This shocking, and yet sadly not surprising news is clearly indicative of a culture of misogyny within the ranks of the Ontario PC party. 

It is exactly this type of culture that the #MeToo movement has shone a light on. Thanks to the brave women who came forward to share their experiences, a true shift has occurred in the political world.

However, as we move forward we continue to face familiar obstacles in Ontario’s political arena.  In terms of policy and agenda the sheep’s clothing was torn from the wolf as the far-right element of the PC Ontario party rally to Doug Ford’s cry. The truth is that regardless of which Conservative name is on the ballot, the party has been revealed for what it is. 

Now it is more important than ever to unite to stop the PC’s from grasping control. Gains that took years to achieve, including the $15 minimum wage, increased employment standards and free pharmacare for those under 25, could easily be undone with a PC victory.  

We must all stand up and take action.

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