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In order to build back better, Canada must create an income security system that protects workers and improves affordability throughout the country.

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Good Jobs

Governments must ensure stability and fairness for workers in the post-pandemic recovery. That means recognizing unions are key to preserving and advancing good working conditions, raising wages, promoting equality and ensuring workers share in the economic prosperity of a nation.

Racial Justice image

Racial Justice

Unifor calls on the next federal government to take concrete and meaningful action on reconciliation and racial justice.

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Fair Trade

Canada needs a trade policy that will rebuild industrial capacity and re-situate the country as a leader in international development and global solidarity.

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The next federal government must tackle the climate crisis while protecting workers in Canada.

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Economic Recovery

Economic recovery must be for everyone. The pandemic highlighted many fault lines in Canada’s economy and social policy landscape. Government has the opportunity to fix them and reorient the economy towards fairness, equity and resilience.

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Care Work

From child care to health care and pharmacare, the federal government must establish a solid foundational support system for Canada’s workers and families.