Uniforvotes.ca is a hub for members and activists to help you stay connected to our Political Project. Check back regularly to get information and find our activist tools on our key campaigns. We want you involved, please sign-up on the web form or drop us a line at politicalaction@unifor.org

We describe our approach and process of tackling the big political issues of the day as our ‘Political Project’ because it has both immediate and short term goals.” Our Political Project cannot be described simply by the goal of electing a particular government or by ideological pronouncements about a future society. Unifor’s Political Project is a process of active and ongoing engagement in politics, and continuing discussion with our members to draw conclusions and to define concretely the political and social conditions that will fulfill our long range goals of a new advanced democracy where the interests of workers and the majority of citizens come first.” Another world is possible. -Canadian Council, Vancouver 2014, “Politics for Workers, Unifor’s Political Project”

Key Federal Priorities for the 42nd Federal Parliament of Canada

Unifor is dedicated to the core Canadian values of equality and justice, and the principle that we all have a responsibility to look out for one another. That is why some of the key issues include matters that extend beyond the bargaining table, including health care, climate change, electoral reform, the Canada Pension Plan and taxation.
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