Heather Stefanson's PCs downgraded our Emergency Rooms.

On October 3 Downgrade the PCs

In 2017, the PC government downgraded three emergency rooms at Victoria, Seven Oaks and Concordia hospitals to “urgent care centres” with fewer services for the communities they serve.

Healthcare has suffered in other ways under the PCs as well: MRI wait times are up 70% since August of 2022. Outpatient physiotherapy has been dramatically privatized for patients recovering from total hip or knee replacement.

PC leader Heather Stefanson has promised more healthcare privatization, ensuring that working people will face either chaos or higher out-of-pocket costs.

We can stop her! On October 3 we can downgrade the PCs and elect a government that will strengthen healthcare and protect what matters.

I'm voting for change in the Manitoba General Election

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